I have a wedding to go to? What am I going to wear?


wedding tunic 001

My husband’s nephew is getting married at the end of May and we have been invited.  I want to go to our nephew’s wedding but what am I going to wear?  I am a seamstress so I will make it.  I also really like to dye fabric so I will not only make the outfit but I will dye it too.  I already have fabric in my stash that is ready to be dyed so I make my own color.  That way I don’t have to go to numerous fabric stores trying to find the right color.  I would rather make my own colors.

This first picture is the tunic that I have chosen.  In this picture I have not completed the hem yet.  I have finished sewing the rest of the tunic.  This is just what I wanted.

wedding tunic 002

This is the side/back view.  I have just tried this on and it is just what I wanted.  I am by no means finished with it.  Now I must get to work on the bottoms/pants.  I will continue with the loose and casual fit because that is what I like and that is what I must have.  Unfortunately, I must alter the pattern.  My backside is broader than is was at one time.

I will go and find the book that I have by Nancy Zieman about altering patterns.

I will continue to make blog posts about my latest attire project and keep you updated.


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