Let me show you what my plan is for the outfit for the wedding.



This is the pattern that I am making the tunic from.  it is the longer tunic.


This is the pattern that I am making the pants/trousers from.  I thought of making this top but then I decided that I wanted a top that was more simple so that I can add embellishments.  A blank canvas so to speak.  I am  in the process of altering the pants/trousers pattern and I thought that I would share what the Nancy Zieman book looks like.


I have spent plenty of time pouring over the sections that cover the alterations that I must make.


In this photo I have cut along the line provided to lengthen the pants at the top of the front leg piece.


Here I have shown how I have lengthened by two inches using some scrap tissue paper pieces that I always save from patterns that I use because I always have to lengthen patterns.  If that is the case for you I would advise doing the same.  This is just some of the tissue scraps that I have.  I have a good-sized stack of it.  Let me show you another example of why I save the scraps.


This is a photo of one of the pants pieces that I have completed.  I am pointing at the bottom of the leg where I also lengthened by two inches.  I hope that you can see the long piece of tissue that I added to the entire length of the front pattern piece to add a bit more.  I was very lucky that I had this piece that was long enough.  It was another scrap piece that I saved from another pattern that I made.  There was enough of this tissue to cut in half and use for both front and back pieces of the pants.

I will be cutting out the pants and dyeing the tunic top this weekend.  I will take several pictures to show what I am doing and to share with you.


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