Progress report on my outfit to wear to the wedding.



I just thought that I would give you a quick update on the outfit that I am making to wear to my nephew’s wedding.  In this picture I have finished making the top and I have finished tea dyeing it.  I have not even pressed it yet.  I am by no means finished with it.  I will start laying out the embellishments that I would like to put on the top to see where I want everything to be placed.

The pants/trousers are still a work in progress.  I am very pleased with the preliminary fit of the pants and I am going to “refine” the fit some more.  After all of the alterations that I made to the pattern for the pants, I can not express the feeling of satisfaction that I have.

I think that I may seem like I am making slow progress on this outfit but I have been busy with getting everything settled in my new workshop.  Let me show you a picture.


This sure doesn’t look like much does it?  My husband and I have done a lot of work though.  There is more in there that you can not see.  Just this past Sunday my husband was running the electric wires from the electric pole to the workshop.  I just helped pull the wires through the pipe.  Let me say though that I was certainly supervising.


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  1. It is really interesting to see how your outfit is progressing. Can’t wait to see the finished thing. It would be wonderful if you would model it. Glad you’re supervising the men, they usually need it!

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