Here is the last update until it is finished.



002                                                                                                                                                                                                Please let me start off by apologizing about the less than great quality of this photo.  I had not planned on using this photo in a blog post but here it is.  As you can see the top is finished except for the embellishments that I want to add.  The pants/trousers ….. um well I changed my mind again.  As often as I change my mind lately I am so glad for seam rippers.  I have not put the hem in as you can obviously see.  What I changed is the casing for the elastic.  It was simply turning the top of the pants under and a simple seam.  No, that was not pleasing me.


I decided to put in what I have heard is called a ‘paper bag casing’.  Let me tell you that the fit was just awesome when I put them on.  The top of the casing is not so much that it distorts the drape of the top that I made.  As you can see I did not make the elastic snug to my waist.  Due to physical limitations I just can’t tolerate it so it is not a snug fit.  The pants that I altered the pattern to turned out to be proportionate to my body and the limitations that I have.  The pants look very appealing to the eye.  I am not trying to be self-centered or self-important.  I am just talking about the pants.


This is the finished pant garment.  Well, most of it.  Now, the color is definitely going to change.  I just have to dye them.  Let me see what I have to choose from.


What color should I use? Hmmmmmm.  I am not going to tell you right now but you will see soon.  Remember that quick tunic that I made and my last post was about?


Yep.  This is the one.  It is going to change too.  You will have to be watching.


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