Alteration of sewing pattern.


trouser blog post 025

Upon a request from one of the people who follow my blog I am going to share with you how I went about making these trousers/pants from the outfit that I made to wear to a wedding.


This is the pattern that I used.


The fabric that I used it a cotton/linen blend that is white to start with.  After I have finished the garment, I will dye it.  In this blog post I am going to talk about the fit that I need to achieve with this garment and how I altered the pattern.

trouser blog post 001

This is how my altered pants pattern looks post addition of tissue paper.  I will go into a short bit of detail.

trouser blog post 003

In this photo I am showing how I lengthened the body/crotch of the pattern by 2 inches.  One of the most important parts of lengthening or shortening a printed pattern is to keep the ‘grain line’ arrow lined up.  I have found that out by experience.

trouser blog post 004

In this photo I had to alter the bottom of the curve of the crotch.  I really had no clue as to how to do this properly.  I just ‘winged’ it based on experience and a heartfelt prayer.

trouser blog post 005

In this photo I am lengthening the pant legs by 2 inches.  I lengthened the body/crotch by 2 inches.  That is 4 inches total.  I am making these pants to end above the ankle.  I don’t have enough tissue paper to make these pants end at the top of the foot.

trouser blog post 006

I have fitted this pattern to myself as best that I could in front of the mirror.  I decided to add a bit to the outside of the pants because I do need to have a loose fit.  I added approx. 1 inch to the outside of the front and back pant lets.  I used a carpenter’s square to do this.

trouser blog post 007

Here is the front pattern piece all altered and pinned to the fabric, ready to cut out.

trouser blog post 008

In this photo I am trying to point out that I transferred to notches to the extended part on the outside of the pants.  When I am cutting out a pattern piece and notches are indicated I simply cut a small slit in the center of the notch.  I started doing this when I made a garment from a Burda pattern.  That company uses slits and I think that it is easier than the wedges/triangles.

The only other thing that I have to do is cut out the back pattern piece.  I opted not to put pockets on these pants because I did not want to add bulk.

trouser blog post 017

I have already made this pair of pants/trousers that is in my precious posting.  In this photo my husband is taking the photos since I am wearing the pants.  Please be kind about the these photos.  He tries the best that he can.

In my next blog post I will be showing the construction of the different parts of the pattern pieces to make simple elastic wasted pants/trousers.  I am hopeful that I will be publishing that post tomorrow.


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  1. I have never done anything other than lengthen a pattern slightly so this has been very interesting. Thank you. I look forward to your next post in particular!

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