“I heard it through the grapevine …”


Why is sew blog post 003

I have finally finished the top to go with the pants that I showed you how to make in the previous post.  It is the same patterns as the outfit that I made to wear to the wedding.  Because that outfit was so comfortable I even used the same fabric.  White is not a bad color to wear except for me because I simply can’t keep it that way.  I think that we need some color.

raisin outfit 002

How is that transformation?  The basic color is a raisin color.  The method of dyeing that I used is a dip dye method and I went for the ‘ombre’ effect.

raisin outfit 006I hope that you can see how the bottom of the legs and the very top of the shirt are a lighter/faded color of the rest of the outfit.

raisin outfit 026

This outfit may be my favorite outfit now.

For my next blog post I will be showing detailed steps for making an easy to sew top/tunic from start to finish.  With me finish usually goes all of the way to adding color.  For this project I will be using white fabric and red thread because I will dye the top red.


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