These Pants Rock! (Fist pump, fist pump, fist pump)



I have made these pants that I am pointing to on this pattern.  This is pattern by Tina Givens.  I saw this pattern and I wanted it.  It finally went on sale at and I bought it.  What drew me to it is the loose fit of the legs.  I just can not wear anything that is tight-fitting.  If you look closely at the outer side of the leg that is straight you can see some tucks at the bottom.  I like that look.

I cut out the two pattern pieces that the pattern called for.  Two pieces can’t be too bad, right?  Then following the instructions I proceeded to sew the garment together.  I did follow the instructions………..until it came to finishing the bottom of the legs.  That is it!  I have followed the instructions as much as I can.  I have to do my own thing now.

Several years ago I had a Bruda pattern and I like the way the bottom of the legs were finished.  There were ‘darts’ at the bottom making the bottom of the legs a bit more narrow.  I wanted to give that a try.


As you can see in this picture I drew one line and it made the dart too big so I drew the second line that was closer in.


I used my ruler to make the dart 6 inches long and 2 inches wide at the bottom of the leg.  Then I pivoted the ruler over to the edge of the pant leg.


I set my machine to a basting stitch to see if I would be pleased with the outcome.  I chose to do a basting stitch because I did not want to take out stitches that were any closer together if I did not like it.  Let me tell you that I was very pleased.  In this next picture the pant leg on your right is the one with the darts at the bottom of the leg.  The other one is just a straight leg that is unfinished at the bottom.


I hope that you are able to see a bit of the difference.  I am doing the best that I can taking pictures in a mirror.  I do not have someone available to assist me with taking pictures.  I proceeded to put the darts in the bottom of the other leg.  The instructions in the pattern calls for the bottom of the leg to be finished with biased binding.  Ummmmm, no.  I want a ‘cuff’ at the bottom.  I purchased a pair of linen pants/trousers that has a cuff at the bottom of the legs and I like the effect.  I can  make a ‘cuff’…………I think.


Looks like I can.  The pant leg on your right hand side not only has the darts but the bottom is finished with a cuff.  The pant leg on your left hand side is unfinished with the darts present.


I put the cuff on the other leg.  It would look too odd without it wouldn’t it?


This is a picture of the completed pants.  Here is another view.


I am trying to help you to be able to see the construction and the way that the pants/trousers hang.  My husband is taking the photos and he is making me laugh so much.


In my next blog posts I will be showing how I made this tunic including the dyeing of it.  Yes, from the very start to the finish.  The parrot applique that you see is hand painted and embellished by my mother, Mary.


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