Let’s make a simple tunic.


tunic top 002

I thought that I would share with you the making of a very simple tunic top.  If you have never made a simple tunic and want to this is your chance to see all of the steps because I have taken A LOT of pictures of the steps.  I am making view one that I am pointing to.

tunic top 001

This is just about all of the items that you will need to cut out the tunic top.  Don’t forget a large flat area and extra space to move around.  Be sure to look at and read the layout instructions before you start.

tunic top 003tunic top 004

I am fortunate because I have a small studio that I do enjoy working in.  I have done this task in my home.

Personally I prefer to purchase a bit more fabric that what the pattern calls for and make laying out the pattern a bit easier for myself.  You choose what way works best for you.

tunic top 006

Using a tracing wheel and tracing paper (the red paper in this photo) to mark arrows, etc.  You will be familiar with what needs to be marked by reading the layout instructions ahead of time.

tunic top 007

Check to make sure that you are marking both of the pattern pieces.  For this project I am using white fabric and red tracing paper so that you can see the markings.  I am also using red thread for the sewing.  I will be dyeing the fabric red at the end of this project.  I am doing this so that everything will be easier to see.

tunic top 008

All cut out and marked.  Now it is time to cut out the interfacing.  I use Pellon fusible interfacing simply because it is easier.

tunic top 010

tunic top 009

The great thing about interfacing is that there is not grain, print or pattern so it is easy to fold and/or cut out whatever you need where ever it works out the best.  Be sure to fuse the interfacing to the wrong side or the fabric piece using your iron.  Read the directions that come with the interfacing to know what temperature to set the iron on.

In my next blog post I am going to sew this tunic top together and share it with you.



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