Update on the Tina Givens tunic.



This is the tunic that I am making and I want to give you an update.

I was starting with sewing the pockets into position and they seemed to be misaligned.  I thought that somehow they had not been marked properly on the pattern.  I was also pinning the side panels to the front and they were not matching up well at all.  Well, let me say that I was fluxummed.  I pinned, unpinned and re-pinned several times but something was not right.  I spent quite a bit  of time on this.  Then……it hit me.  The seam where the side panels join the front are curved.  Have a look.


Here is another picture that is closer to the top of the tunic.


Do you see how the side panel is curved also.  It is almost like it has been cut on the bias.  That is why it is not meeting the side of the front panel.  As you can see I worked it out and they join just fine.

Since this is linen and I am not serging the seams, I am going along each raw edge with a zigzag stitch and securing the seams an additional time.  I also attached the front and back facings at the neck opening.  I also did the shoulder seam.


In this photo my mother is holding the work in progress.  That is how big it is.  I cut the pattern on a size medium.

I have to confess to something that has never happened to me before.  While I was being so meticulous in my sewing, taking my time and making each stitch as perfect as I could………….I almost stitched my finger.


Can you see the blood gushing from my wound.  Me either.  It was just a scratch.  In all of the decades that I have been sewing I have never come close to sewing my finger until last night.  That did get my attention.

There will be another update, soon to follow.



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  1. I’ve never sewn my fingers but I have sewn things to my jeans when hand stitching. I love the colour of this tunic and can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Looking forward to the finished project and I’m enjoying following the process. I sewed through my finger once when trying to finish a dress in time for an event… ugh.

    • I have been sewing for more than 30 years and that has never happened to me. I was so surprised when I came so close. Thanks for the feedback. I will be working on it this weekend and hopefully finishing it so that I can make a blog post about it.

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