I DID finish that tunic and then some.



I have finally finished this tunic.  I finished it a little while ago and have made some garments since then that I am also going to share with you.  I have not had a chance to write a blog post about it because ……. well, you know how life happens.  In the last blog post I had just about finished the tunic.  I did encounter some problems with it though.  The arms of the pattern were just too skinny for me.  I fitted the pattern to myself as best as I could but I failed in assuring that the arms would fit.  This is where a muslin would be a smart action to take.  I could not dwell on that fact.  I had this beautiful garment that I was making form some great fabric and the arms didn’t fit.  I saw this as tragic.  I thought about this dilemma for days trying to think of all options.  Of course I tried to be constructive during my indecision.  I ripped the side seams out.  The sleeves are not set in.  I had scraps of fabric from cutting the pattern out and I tried several different options for making the sleeves fit.  I did not like any of them.  Finally, I decided that I simply had to sew in pieces to the bottom of the sleeve to make it a bit bigger.


Doing this took me quite a long time.  My seam ripper and I really got to know each other well.


I did finally finish the tunic.  I convinced my mother to take some pictures for me.



You can’t see the fabric that I sewed into to make the arm openings larger because I inserted them at the bottom of the sleeve portion.


I like this tunic so much that I decided that I need a pair of black leggings to go with them.  My mother and I sell patterns online and I searched through the stash of patterns for our shop and I found one for leggings.


This is the pattern that I used.  We do not have this same pattern in our shop but there are ones like it.  I cut the leggings on the largest size.  As usual I had to lengthen the leg length.  I am too old to wear tight leggings so I changed the shape of the legs making them more straight and not contoured/shaped around the knees.  More of a straight, tapered leg.



I also made another outfit.  In the following my husband took the photos.  Please don’t hold that against me.


That is my cat, Michelin.


The top is cotton broadcloth.  I was deciding which needle to use on the bronze cloth for the top and size 11 seemed to be just right.  I would normally use a larger size but I gave it a try anyway.  Was I surprised!  The size 11 was just PERFECT!  Look at the stitching on this tunic top.


Normally I would have used a size 12.  I may be using needles too large for my sewing projects.  I started sewing on the pants/trousers using the same size 11 needle.  The fabric for the pants is heavier than the tunic fabric.  The size 11 worked like a DREAM!  At one point this needle was going through 8 layers of the fabric.  Maybe I have been using needles too big for my projects.

I have already started on my next project.  Here it is.


I am making the dress and caplet in the largest view.  The fabric is the olive-green French terry knit behind the pattern.  The pattern pieces are already lengthened and cut out.  I AM  looking forward to this.



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