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Mary’s Quilts


This is one of the countless quilts that my mother has made.  Actually, this is called a French coverlet because there is no batting between the layers.  This quilt was inspired by the Irish Trip Around the World design.  My mother was inspired by that design and this is what she designed and made.  My mother, Mary, did all of the quilting by hand.  She does it not my making the entire top of the quilt all at once.  She does it in the method that Georgia Bonsteel promotes – Lap Quilting.  Mary makes a small block, sandwiches batting between the top of the block and the piece that is the batting and then she does the hand-quilting.  When all of the blocks are completed she sews them together by machine and then completes the joining of the backing by hand.  Then the only thing that remains is putting the binding around the quilt.  Mary is an expert at quilting.  She has been invited to teach classes.  She has not entered into contests though.

All of Mary’s quilts are extremely good, although, some are absolutely stunning.  Wouldn’t you know it – none of them were ever for me.  I did get my hands on some of them though.  This one is one of them.  I do have one that Mary made, partnering with Trisha Cribbs.  Trisha did the machine quilting for my mother.  Trisha had stopped doing custom machine quilting at that time but Mary convinced her to do it for her.  I don’t believe it but she has quite a knack at getting people to do things for her.  I also have a quilt that Mary made for my grandmother.  My grandmother passed away and I made sure that I got her quilt.  It was my grandmother’s and my mother made it.  Needless to say, it is special to me.  I will be posting photos of those two quilts soon.


It is all in the name.


Today I am going to explain our name – Rick Marsh.  It was all my mother’s idea.  Her name is Mary Gary and mine is Shirley Vick.  Rick is a combination of Gary-Vick (Rick) and Marsh is a combination of Mary-Shirley (Marsh).  You should see all of the questions about our name on Etsy.  I will be including our link to Etsy in the next day or two.



Shirely V.

Why read this blog?


Why should someone read this blog?  We want to show everyone how we create.  From dyeing fabrics to creating a project.  I do a lot of hand-dyeing of fabrics that my mother, Mary Gary, will use in a creation.  She inspires me to create new items.  She always inspires me to come up with new dye jobs.  We have just started this blog so keep your eyes open for us and the different projects that we work on.  We would love to share with you and maybe even inspire someone to start sewing.

Thanks ever so much,

Shirely Vick