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“I heard it through the grapevine …”


Why is sew blog post 003

I have finally finished the top to go with the pants that I showed you how to make in the previous post.  It is the same patterns as the outfit that I made to wear to the wedding.  Because that outfit was so comfortable I even used the same fabric.  White is not a bad color to wear except for me because I simply can’t keep it that way.  I think that we need some color.

raisin outfit 002

How is that transformation?  The basic color is a raisin color.  The method of dyeing that I used is a dip dye method and I went for the ‘ombre’ effect.

raisin outfit 006I hope that you can see how the bottom of the legs and the very top of the shirt are a lighter/faded color of the rest of the outfit.

raisin outfit 026

This outfit may be my favorite outfit now.

For my next blog post I will be showing detailed steps for making an easy to sew top/tunic from start to finish.  With me finish usually goes all of the way to adding color.  For this project I will be using white fabric and red thread because I will dye the top red.


‘Imperfectly Perfect’, that is what I call my finshed outfit.



This selfie photo is one shot of my finished outfit.  I sewed the garments, dyed the garments and embellished the garments.  I am more that pleased with the result.  I did not turn out the way that I envisioned it … only better.  I would like to review what I did.  I took plain white fabric and made the top.  I found a pattern that I was pleased with for the pants/trousers but I had to alter the pattern.  Oh my did I alter the pants pattern.  I will be going into more detail about the pants pattern in my next blog post.  Then I tea dyed the top and dyed the pants … twice.  I was attempting to get a solid color for the pants but they are subtly ‘mottled’ in color.  As it turns out I am more that pleased with that.  That is what the fabric wanted to do so I didn’t argue with it.  I did dye them twice because they just needed more color.  When I compared the top with the pants the colors were not agreeing with each other so I had to come up with an action to achieve a pleasing end.  I thought about it for a few days and then I thought that I should over-dye the top with the same color as the pants.  The colors of the two are not exactly the same but they are so complimentary.  Then it was time to add the crocheted lace and the doilies.  Let’s look at some more pictures.


When I was adding the lace to the sides of the top I started out to make it the same height on both the front and the back panels.  Then I thought to myself “Why?”.  I am not symmetrical so why should I make the embellishments symmetrical?


I think that you can see that I did the same on the other side at the side split of the top.  The crocheted doilies are not symmetrical either.  All of them are not even the same color.  Some are tea dyed and some are not.  The doilies on the legs are tea dyed and they are not at the same height.



Here are some more shots of the outfit.



I wanted to provide better pictures but events did not work in that direction and I did not want to wait any longer to provide pictures of my finished product  I thank everyone for their interest and support.