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Let’s make a simple tunic.


tunic top 002

I thought that I would share with you the making of a very simple tunic top.  If you have never made a simple tunic and want to this is your chance to see all of the steps because I have taken A LOT of pictures of the steps.  I am making view one that I am pointing to.

tunic top 001

This is just about all of the items that you will need to cut out the tunic top.  Don’t forget a large flat area and extra space to move around.  Be sure to look at and read the layout instructions before you start.

tunic top 003tunic top 004

I am fortunate because I have a small studio that I do enjoy working in.  I have done this task in my home.

Personally I prefer to purchase a bit more fabric that what the pattern calls for and make laying out the pattern a bit easier for myself.  You choose what way works best for you.

tunic top 006

Using a tracing wheel and tracing paper (the red paper in this photo) to mark arrows, etc.  You will be familiar with what needs to be marked by reading the layout instructions ahead of time.

tunic top 007

Check to make sure that you are marking both of the pattern pieces.  For this project I am using white fabric and red tracing paper so that you can see the markings.  I am also using red thread for the sewing.  I will be dyeing the fabric red at the end of this project.  I am doing this so that everything will be easier to see.

tunic top 008

All cut out and marked.  Now it is time to cut out the interfacing.  I use Pellon fusible interfacing simply because it is easier.

tunic top 010

tunic top 009

The great thing about interfacing is that there is not grain, print or pattern so it is easy to fold and/or cut out whatever you need where ever it works out the best.  Be sure to fuse the interfacing to the wrong side or the fabric piece using your iron.  Read the directions that come with the interfacing to know what temperature to set the iron on.

In my next blog post I am going to sew this tunic top together and share it with you.



‘Imperfectly Perfect’, that is what I call my finshed outfit.



This selfie photo is one shot of my finished outfit.  I sewed the garments, dyed the garments and embellished the garments.  I am more that pleased with the result.  I did not turn out the way that I envisioned it … only better.  I would like to review what I did.  I took plain white fabric and made the top.  I found a pattern that I was pleased with for the pants/trousers but I had to alter the pattern.  Oh my did I alter the pants pattern.  I will be going into more detail about the pants pattern in my next blog post.  Then I tea dyed the top and dyed the pants … twice.  I was attempting to get a solid color for the pants but they are subtly ‘mottled’ in color.  As it turns out I am more that pleased with that.  That is what the fabric wanted to do so I didn’t argue with it.  I did dye them twice because they just needed more color.  When I compared the top with the pants the colors were not agreeing with each other so I had to come up with an action to achieve a pleasing end.  I thought about it for a few days and then I thought that I should over-dye the top with the same color as the pants.  The colors of the two are not exactly the same but they are so complimentary.  Then it was time to add the crocheted lace and the doilies.  Let’s look at some more pictures.


When I was adding the lace to the sides of the top I started out to make it the same height on both the front and the back panels.  Then I thought to myself “Why?”.  I am not symmetrical so why should I make the embellishments symmetrical?


I think that you can see that I did the same on the other side at the side split of the top.  The crocheted doilies are not symmetrical either.  All of them are not even the same color.  Some are tea dyed and some are not.  The doilies on the legs are tea dyed and they are not at the same height.



Here are some more shots of the outfit.



I wanted to provide better pictures but events did not work in that direction and I did not want to wait any longer to provide pictures of my finished product  I thank everyone for their interest and support.


Here is the finished top.



Remember this top that I made?  It looks different now.  I thought that I should show you the change that I made.


This is a dyeing method that is new to me.  The method is a type of ombre coloration.

002I am rather pleased with it.  I do feel as though I want to improve when doing this type of dyeing.


I am in the process of making another top that I plan to dye.  I like the individuality that I am able to achieve when I make clothing and then dye it.

Let me show you what my plan is for the outfit for the wedding.



This is the pattern that I am making the tunic from.  it is the longer tunic.


This is the pattern that I am making the pants/trousers from.  I thought of making this top but then I decided that I wanted a top that was more simple so that I can add embellishments.  A blank canvas so to speak.  I am  in the process of altering the pants/trousers pattern and I thought that I would share what the Nancy Zieman book looks like.


I have spent plenty of time pouring over the sections that cover the alterations that I must make.


In this photo I have cut along the line provided to lengthen the pants at the top of the front leg piece.


Here I have shown how I have lengthened by two inches using some scrap tissue paper pieces that I always save from patterns that I use because I always have to lengthen patterns.  If that is the case for you I would advise doing the same.  This is just some of the tissue scraps that I have.  I have a good-sized stack of it.  Let me show you another example of why I save the scraps.


This is a photo of one of the pants pieces that I have completed.  I am pointing at the bottom of the leg where I also lengthened by two inches.  I hope that you can see the long piece of tissue that I added to the entire length of the front pattern piece to add a bit more.  I was very lucky that I had this piece that was long enough.  It was another scrap piece that I saved from another pattern that I made.  There was enough of this tissue to cut in half and use for both front and back pieces of the pants.

I will be cutting out the pants and dyeing the tunic top this weekend.  I will take several pictures to show what I am doing and to share with you.

I have a wedding to go to? What am I going to wear?


wedding tunic 001

My husband’s nephew is getting married at the end of May and we have been invited.  I want to go to our nephew’s wedding but what am I going to wear?  I am a seamstress so I will make it.  I also really like to dye fabric so I will not only make the outfit but I will dye it too.  I already have fabric in my stash that is ready to be dyed so I make my own color.  That way I don’t have to go to numerous fabric stores trying to find the right color.  I would rather make my own colors.

This first picture is the tunic that I have chosen.  In this picture I have not completed the hem yet.  I have finished sewing the rest of the tunic.  This is just what I wanted.

wedding tunic 002

This is the side/back view.  I have just tried this on and it is just what I wanted.  I am by no means finished with it.  Now I must get to work on the bottoms/pants.  I will continue with the loose and casual fit because that is what I like and that is what I must have.  Unfortunately, I must alter the pattern.  My backside is broader than is was at one time.

I will go and find the book that I have by Nancy Zieman about altering patterns.

I will continue to make blog posts about my latest attire project and keep you updated.

This is such a comfortable outfit.



Here is the latest outfit that I have made from stretch knit fabric.  The colors are quite a bit darker that what I would usually choose but I am not unhappy with the choices.  This picture was so comical in the making.  My husband and my mother were trying to take the pictures for me but my husband can’t see the viewfinder and my mother is very unfamiliar with my camera.  We all got a great laugh out of it.

Pictures for March blog 001This is the pattern that I am using and so far I have not altered the garments at all.  As you can see by the picture I definitely need to lengthen the top.  I made the full length of the pants and they turned out to be the shorter length on me.  I plan to leave the pants as the are for I am pleased with the length.

Pictures for March blog 002

Today I am starting on the cardigan and this is the fabric that I am using.  I am not altering the garment at all.  In the future I will probably be lengthening it.  I will show you the constructing of the cardigan as I go.


This did turn out to be a very comfortable outfit.

Stretch knit pants, ………. I really don’t know what I am doing.


Stretch knit goucho pants 002

Here is my new project.  I am making the gaucho pants that I am pointing at.  The top, dress and gaucho pants are to be made out of stretch fabric.  I am  making these pants for two reasons.  First,  in a previous post, I told you that I was ‘in love’ with sewing stretch knits.  I want to give it another try.  Second, I need some stretch knit pants to go to stretch/yoga sessions.  Being as vertically challenged as I am, I have to make my own.  I am making these pants out of the red stretch knit fabric in the background.  I hope that it is medium weight stretch knit.  I have no idea.  It seems that way.

This is such a different experience for me.  Handling the fabric, laying the fabric straight to pin the pattern down and cutting it out, which needle to use, how much tension to set the machine for, etc.  I have started sewing the gaucho pants and I encountered some challenges immediately and I will share that with you now.

Stretch knit goucho pants 003

This is not the best picture but I think that you can see that the thread is much to large.  No problem, I have smaller thread.  Wind a new bobbin.  Here is the next challenge that came along.

Stretch knit goucho pants 004

This is not a great picture either.  I will have much better pictures in the next blog post where I show you how I finish this project.  There seems to be loose stitches along the seam.  I know that with woven fabric this usually means that the tension is too loose.  Is it that way with knit fabric?  I guess I am going to find out.  I tightened the tension a bit and the seam improved so much.  If you come back tomorrow I will provide good pictures and you can see how well (I hope) things are going.